We are proud to offer you JETI Contra prop.

JETI Contra-propeller drive is very useful for acrobatic models for many reasons, for example, reducing the effect of motor torque on the fuselage and eliminating the gyroscopic effect of the propeller. The JETI Contra Prop drive are designed with a planetary gearbox, where the speed and power of both propellers are split.

JETI Contra-propeller drive has a higher efficiency (6 to 16%) compared to a standard single-propeller drive. Lubrication of the gearbox is very easy and it is not necessary to disassemble the entire drive, all you have to do is remove the front spinner and the supplied lubricant is applied through the hollow shaft directly to the gearbox. Lubrication of the gearbox is recommended every three hours of motor operation. The drive is tested and used for more than three seasons by aerobatics legend Gernot Bruckman.
– elimination the gyroscopic effect of the propeller
– reduce the maximum torque that goes through the fuselage of the airplane from the motor
– elimination of P-factor (a single propeller at a high angle to the direction of the flowing air
has a different thrust of each blade and therefore the aircraft has to be stabilised by rudder
– the planetary gearbox of the drive performs the differential split of the power on the each
propeller. This solution guarantees a more stable flow of air around the fuselage compared
to belt systems that have the same rotation speed for both propellers.
– the optimized planetary gearbox for long service life is based on the technology of
manufacturing industrial gearboxes
– the gearbox lubrication system does not require the drive to be removed from the airplane
– powerful PHASOR motor with high efficiency allows the use of low capacity batteries
– more than double the braking effect of counter-rotating propellers during a steep descent
– higher drive efficiency 6 to 16%

Basic parameters
Motor: Phasor 2035 (1150 kV)
Power: 2,2 – 2,9 kW
Power supply: max. 10S (42 V)
Current: 60 A (80 A max. 15 s)
Weight (including propeller holders and spinners): 596 g
Recommended propellers: 20-22/18 front + 20-22/20 rear
Alternative propellers (F3A): 23/20 front + 23/20 rear
Shaft diameter for front propeller: 8,0 mm
Shaft diameter for rear propeller: 17,5 mm

JETI mezon 95 opto lite

Jeti MEZON ESC´s advanced design and software are capable of unique precise and efficient motor control. Our MEZON ESC´s are able to be fully integrated with the DUPLEX EX systems. With the DUPLEX integration, all data are measured in real time. Mezon ESC´s were designed to be able to measure the exact battery capacity used and let you set up a motor cut off point based not only on cell voltage, but also on overall battery pack capacity.

The OPTO line of MEZON Brushless ESC´s feature an optically separated radio signal from the power management circuitry which guarantees an interference-free operation. The OPTO line of brushless ESC´s does not contain any BEC circuit.

Weight [g] 98
Dimensions [mm] 37 x 18 x 90
Sustained current [A] 95
Telemetry Yes
Operational temperature [°C] -10 … 130
Supply Voltage [V] 6 … 51
Batteries LiXX 2 … 12