SHIPPING IS NOT CHARGED IN PRICE LIST! Direct shipping to customer from factory DEPENDS ON LOCATION and it is about 650 – 750 eur approximately. Each model is custom made order directly to customer where there is a need to set details ( Color scheme,  level of finish, shipping method etc.) therefore please contact us for shipping cost for each model.

Thank you for understanding.

  • Wing span 1780 mm
  • Fuselage length 1996 mm
  • Spinner diameter 82 – 85 mm
  • Empty weightEP 2350g  (without
    accessoriesand landing gear set)

We decided to take advatage of Lukas´s designer profession and create our own pattern plane. Decision was to made a biplane capable of all kind of aerobatic maneuvers. After two years of developent there is Covenant ep. Covenant is available in standart color scheme or white base. Both options are with all accesories and landing gear set.

P-21 schedule – Training flight

on ground Video of Covenant