New color scheme !
  This is how the ARC version of our monoplane Nymphadora looks like. All the accessories included.
First competition with Nymphadora is over. First place at contest and as well a national champion of Slovakia in F3A category for 2021? I am very satisfied with Nymphadora performance ?
Proud of what we have achieved and Nymphadora is flying very well.Intention was to create a visually different model than what you can see on the market and yet make her functional for precise flying. No canaliser and simple lines is what makes her strong and recognizable. Cannot wait for the first competition with her. Model is manufactured in Europe, in cooperation with the PT model. Hand painted finish is done by myself, at LMP – Aircraft.
Harel Kosary successful first flights with Covenant. So far his impression from flying is great. His words : The plane is very stable Good visibility in the sky And a quick response! Looking forward to hearing more from Harel and wish him good luck with Covenant! Welcome to LMP – Aircraft.
Sneak peek from new project. Working hard to delivery new plane during this season. Hopefully it wont be affected much by covid a we will be able to bring it up to air as soon as possible ? Stay tuned ?

At LMP – Aircraft we are in a Christmas mood already so we decided to give you a discount on all Covenant orders during December ?

CHECK OUT - LMP Aircraft has became official european dealer for CK aero !

We are really happy to announce that we became an official european dealer for CK AERO products. We strive for top class models and therefore CK Aero is a must between our products.

F3A P21 shedule – video from Lukas training in Abrahám / Slovakia.


F3A season 2020 is over and Lukáš became the national champion for the fifth time ? as well as the winner of last contest in Abraham. Thanks to organisers for the contest . Looking forward to see you all in 2021!